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Was ist

This instance is more a proof of concept at the moment. It running on a virtual server using docker container. I don't know how long it will run.....

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon ist ein freier, quelloffener sozialer Netzwerkserver. Als dezentralisierte Alternative zu kommerziellen Plattformen verhindert es die Risiken, die entstehen, wenn eine einzelne Firma deine Kommunikation monopolisiert. Jeder kann Mastodon verwenden und ganz einfach am sozialen Netzwerk teilnehmen.

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Built for real conversation
With 500 characters at your disposal and support for granular content and media warnings, you can express yourself the way you want to.
You’re a person, not a product
Mastodon is not a commercial network. No advertising, no data mining, no walled gardens. There is no central authority.
Always within reach
Multiple apps for iOS, Android, and other platforms thanks to a developer-friendly API ecosystem allow you to keep up with your friends anywhere.
A more humane approach
Learning from failures of other networks, Mastodon aims to make ethical design choices to combat the misuse of social media.